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There are several processes by which female plants will grow male characteristics, but with our spray-on solution it will become as easy as 1, 2, 3 to create female pollen.
Create Hybrid genetics
Create your own feminised seeds or mix genetics and create a new hybrid strain. Now you do not have to be a  scientist or professional to cross strians.
Guaranteed 100% Feminised
The liquid solution inhibits the C2H4 production needed by the plant to produce female flowers; forcing the female plant to produce 100% female pollen sacs.

Three easy steps to create 100% female seeds!

Creating Female Pollen
Pick the best looking female plant to ensure premium genetics. The best time to start feminization would be a day or two before you switch to flowering (12/12). Shake the spray and drench the target area of the plant once a day for 10-18 days or until male sacs start to form. For Autoflowers start spraying at first site of female flowers, immediately begin spraying on newer growth every day until male sacs start to form (typically 8-20 days). 
Collecting The Pollen
After a week tape a bag around the branch so that it is completely sealed and then pinch a hole in a top corner to allow the branch to breath. Once a day pinch the breather hole shut and give the branch a good shake. You should be able to see the pollen begin to accumulate in the corner of the bag. Continue this process for a week or so. Cut the branch below where the bag is attached. Tear open the top of the bag and remove the sacs  and pollen.
Pollinate Your Flowers
Now it is time to pollinate our female. When the selected female is ready and her flowers have developed long pistils. Usually around 2-4 weeks into flowering time). Use a soft paint brush or cosmetics brush to gently apply the pollen to the flowers. Seeds take from 3-6 weeks to ripen, depending on environment, strain, and over-all plant health. Ripe seeds are mottled dark or grey, sometimes even black. And that is literally all there is to it!

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